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We take the mystery out of data science and artificial intelligence (AI). What do you need to help your business grow? We will remove the mystery and provide you with practical, clear guidance on making data and AI work for you.

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IT services with 100% social return, that’s what we do. Everyday.
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We build inclusive ethical data and IT communities with the workforce of today for a more just and equitable tomorrow for all. The key to ethical and responsible technology lies primarily in the people who are designing and building it. For the past three years we have been running our SkillsUP Lab program. We are increasing diversity in IT to reflect society in the Netherlands and beyond. Our focus on inclusion, practical data science skills, job coaching and paid traineeships to move people towards financial independence make us unique in the Netherlands. As does the variety of our community. Everyone is welcome to apply. This means we are not creating more silos of only women, only Dutch people, only refugees etc. Instead we are one community, made strong by many.We deliver data science and AI solutions, build technical prototypes and solutions for female founders and social impact projects and reskilling and upskilling to organizations large and small.

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