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GRANNY’S FINEST prevents loneliness amongst elderly by organising weekly knitting clubs. While enjoying a cup of coffee and something sweet, seniors practice their hobby and make new friendships. DESIGNED BY THE NEW Together with the grannies, young fashion designers develop beautiful patterns for fashion and interior accessories. The designers are up to date with the latest color, material and design trends HANDMADE BY THE BEST. The grannies are skilled artisans; they master the craft of knitting and crocheting like no other. By using high quality materials, they make the most beautiful products with a lot of love. WORN BY THE GREATEST. The collaboration between young and old results in a handmade, modern day product. By wearing a Granny’s Finest item, you will not only stay warm but also make it possible for seniors to meet each other on a weekly basis. Every product comes with a handwritten card from the maker; this way you can get in touch and even send a thank you card back.

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Grannys Finest

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Als drager van Granny’s Finest loop je er niet alleen warm bij, maar maak je het mogelijk dat senioren elkaar wekelijks kunnen blijven ontmoeten!

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